​What Makes Coffee From Hawaii So Great?

​What Makes Coffee From Hawaii So Great?

16th Feb 2021

Coffee from Hawaii is well known and loved throughout the world because of its full-bodied flavors and pleasing aromas. But what makes the coffee from Hawaii so great? Can we honestly say that it is worth the high prices?

In this article, we will look at the things that make coffee from Hawaii truly special.

The Coffee Trees

Coffee trees can thrive on the slopes of the Hualalai and Mauna Loa Mountains. The trees enjoy the cool slopes where they get ample cloud cover, and the roots are deeply planted in rich volcanic soil. If you were a coffee tree, you couldn’t ask for a better-growing spot.

The Harvesting

There are various districts in Hawaii that cultivate coffee. The coffee trees in Hawaii typically bloom after the dry Hawaiian winters, and they are harvested in autumn. Each coffee bean is handpicked during the harvesting process, where the beans are pulped, dried, and hulled.

The coffee mills use machinery to sort the beans based on their different grades, sizes, and shape. After the sorting process, the coffee beans are dried in the sun before the roasting process can start.

Roasting Process

By now, you should realize that it is not that easy to just get a perfect cup of coffee. All the coffee beans are now custom roasted, depending on the desired results and the beans' moisture. The roasting process can make or break the coffee; it is an art form that not just anyone can do!

Different Roasts

There are various types of roasts in coffee:

  • Your Dark roasts are typically called French, Italian, or Espresso.
  • The Medium roasts include Full-City and Vienna.
  • Flavored coffees are coffee beans that are sprayed directly after roasting for the beans to absorb the new flavor added to the beans.

After the roasting process, an oxidation process begins; at this point in time, your coffee is at its freshest.


The coffee is then packaged into air-tight containers and sometimes frozen to optimize the freshness of the coffee. If the whole bean is stored, then the shelf life of that coffee bean is about two months, where a ground coffee has a month of self-life. The experts suggest that you buy coffee beans and only grind the bean just before you make your cup of coffee; this way, your coffee will stay fresh.

The Coffee Truth

You walk into a coffee shop and order a cup of coffee, not realizing the whole process that led up to this perfect cup of coffee. The best Hawaii coffee is exceptional because it is grown, the handpicked harvesting, and the expert roasters.