​Online Coffee Store on Maui - Coffee, Gift Cards And Merchandise

​Online Coffee Store on Maui - Coffee, Gift Cards And Merchandise

21st Jan 2021

Wailuku Coffee Company is not only known for its excellent coffee and food, but we are also known for easy access. We have two shop locations and the best online coffee store on Maui!

Our online coffee store is great because of the products we offer and the easy to use the online store.

The Products

In our online store, we offer three different product categories: coffee, gift cards and merchandise. All of which can be easily accessed when clicking on the dropdown Shop tab on our home page.


If you select our Coffee tab, you will be directed to our list of house brand coffees. Our coffee flavours range from a Cold Brew all the way through to a Vanilla Macadamia Nut flavour.

The coffee prices vary based on the size of the coffee bag that you order. You can click the Quick View button to get an overview of the product or select the Choose Options button to take you the product page.

On the product page, you will find more information about the specific product you choose. You will be able to select your coffee bag size and quantity before adding the products to your cart.

Gift Cards

Are you looking for the perfect birthday gift? Why don’t you give your friend a gift card to spend at one of our stores where they can relax and enjoy some coffee and something to eat, or buy some coffee beans to enjoy at home.

Please note that the gift cards can only be redeemed in the Wailuku and Haiku store locations, you cannot use for online shopping.


In our online store, we offer a third category of products, which is merchandise. Our merchandise includes but is not limited to embroidered hats, glass coffee mug, liquid hardware bottles and stainless mugs. These products are the perfect gift for any coffee lovers.

How To Make A Purchase On Our Online Coffee Store On Maui?

It is pretty straightforward to make a purchase. Go onto our website and select the Shop button. From there, you can navigate to one of the product categories, or you can browse all the categories.

Once you have selected the product, you can choose the amount and size of the product before adding it to your cart. You can continue the search for more product, or you can continue to the checkout page.

When you look at your cart, you can increase the products' quantities in your cart and remove products. You also can add a discount coupon, please remember to add your shipping information before proceeding.

If you are happy with your products, select the Check out button. You will be asked to fill in your card details to process the payment, and that is it! In no time, you will receive your delivery and will be able to sit back and relax with a nice cup of coffee. Definitely the best online coffee store on Maui!