Maui Breakfast Spots - Where The Hip Comes To Sip

Maui Breakfast Spots - Where The Hip Comes To Sip

6th Jan 2021

With a mission to be the place where the hip comes to sip on the most delicious healthy local food, excellent service, and of course, the best espresso, you can not go wrong with the Wailuku Coffee Company. Let us look at why these three Maui breakfast spots are the place to be when you are in Maui.

Three Locations

First of all, it is easy to find the Wailuku Coffe Company because of its easy to access business locations. On top of the easy access, you have three Maui breakfast spots to choose from.


Wailuku is where Wailuku Coffee Company initially started. You can order your food in the store or order online and pick up the food, you can also call, and we will deliver the food straight to your door. For those who want to dine in the store, there are limited spaces available, so make sure that you are there early or book a spot.

You can find Wailuku at 26 N Market St, Wailuku Hawaii, 96793. The shop is open from 7 to 5 on Mondays to Saturdays, and on Sundays, it is only open till 2 pm.


Haiku is one of our new locations; we are right next to the post office. You can not miss us! You can sit down for breakfast and a coffee at the Haiku store, call with your order, or you can order online and pick it up, or we can deliver the food.

As mentioned, you can find Haiku next to the post office at 810 Kokomo Road #12, Haiku HI 96708. This store is open seven days a week from 7 to 2 pm.


Now, this is where it gets super exciting, our online food service. Yes, we all know that we live in insane times with a pandemic looming over us. However, we do want to provide our wonderful customers the ability to order our same delicious food and coffee online.

To access our online food service, visit our website; from there, you can select our Order Food Online page. Follow the easy steps, and within no time, you will be able to experience some of our Schwag in the comfort of your home.

The Coffee And Food

Now you know how you can get access to the best Maui breakfast stops, but what can you expect when visiting one of our shops. Here we will teach you about coffee; everyone has to know their coffee, right? From espresso through to your carmilla, we have it. We have our own Wailuku Coffee blend that is perfect for any occasion; you should come and taste it!

A perfect cup of coffee needs a pastry or some delicious local food. Well, don't stress, we have got you covered. On our food menu, you will find breakfast, pastries - don't get us started on the pastries, sandwiches, salads, and pitza, to name a few. We have vegan and gluten-free options. What is there left to do? Pick one of our locations and see for yourself!