​Guide To The Best Coffee In Maui

​Guide To The Best Coffee In Maui

9th Feb 2021

The various flavors, blends, and coffee sizes may be overwhelming if you walk into a coffee shop. Do you really know what coffee will best suit you and what the best coffee option is for you in Maui?

Don't stress! We are here to help you with this ultimate guide on the best coffee in Maui.

Different Types Of Coffee

There are various types of coffee in the US market. Still, you usually hear of two types, namely the Arabica and Robusta. If you ask the experts, then Arabica is hands down the favorite between the two types.

Arabica is a black bean that is sweeter and more complex in flavor. Whereas Robusta is a cheaper, more robust type of coffee. The bitter Robusta is usually used in espressos and instant mixes. This is the coffee that will wake you up in the morning!

Different Types Of Drinks

You might think that having the best coffee in Maui is easy, but how do you decide between a latte, American, or cappuccino? Well, let us help you with the below guide on the best coffee in Maui.

Black Coffee

You can not get simpler than this, simply add warm water to your delicious ground coffee, and you are ready to enjoy this cup of coffee.


The latte is probably one of the most popular coffees on the market. The drink is one shot of espresso, steamed milk, and a little bit of foam rounds off this delicious drink. The best thing is that you can add some flavors to your lattes, such as vanilla or pumpkin spice.


A cappuccino is still a single shot of espresso with milk and foam. The milk and foam ratio is, however, slightly different from the latte. Where the latte has more milk than foam, the cappuccino has more foam than milk. Perhaps add a bit of cream on top of your cappuccino when you next order this drink.


An americano is very similar to your black coffee. The difference is that it is an espresso dilute in water and just regular ground coffee. If you are making your own americano add the espresso before diluting it with water, you will taste the difference.


Espresso is used as the foundation of most coffees. It can be ordered on its own as a delicious drink. Or add some water, milk, or foam to turn it into one of Maui’s best coffees.


A doppio is two shots of espresso; this will surely get you going.


If the espresso is a bit much for you, opt for a cortado that balances the espresso with warm steamed milk. The milk will help with the acidity of the espresso.