Buy Coffee Online From Maui - The Different Roasts

Buy Coffee Online From Maui - The Different Roasts

31st Jan 2021

Maui is the known for its fantastic locally grown coffee, making the option to buy coffee online from Maui great! Who wouldn't want to buy the best coffee from the best place?

At Wailuku Coffee Company, we have a great online store that you can use to buy some of the best coffee online from Maui. In this article, we look at some of the different coffee flavours you can buy on our website. But before we do that, let's give you some coffee insights.

The Different Roasts

When you buy coffee, you will typically see a label that mentions the type of roast. There might be those that do not know what this actually means. Coffee roasting is the process of heating the coffee seed to bring out the coffee bean's aroma. The coffee bean is green before the heating process, and after the heating process, the bean turns brown. The coffee bean's flavour depends on the type of roasting that happens and the bean's location.

The different roasts that you can generally get are:

  • Light Roast – Light brown bean that has a high amount of caffeine per scoop.
  • Medium Roast – Brown bean with a medium amount of caffeine per scoop.
  • Dark Roast – Dark brown bean with a low amount of caffeine per scoop.
  • Extra Dark Roast – Black bean with a meagre amount of caffeine per scoop.

The Difference Between Whole Bean And Ground

The next thing that you will typically see on the coffee bag label is the coffee ground, is coffee grounded or a whole bean. Some people prefer a whole bean over grounded coffee because the whole bean coffee is best used in espresso machines. The product is fresher and can control the grind size.

Whereas with grounded coffee, you save a bit of time. It is less labour-intensive, more accessible, and produces a more consistent flavor. Choosing the perfect coffee all depends on your preference.

Flavours Of Coffee To Buy Online From Maui

Kona Prime

Our Kona Prime is a whole bean coffee that has both a savory and sweet taste. This medium roast is a combination of beans from Kealakekua and Hawaii Island.

Maui Mokka

The whole bean Maui Mokka is a fan favourite with its chocolate, nutmeg and fruity taste, definitely a showstopper. The delicious medium roast coffee beans come from Ka’anapali and Maui

Maui Red Catuai

With wine notes and hints of spice, you can not go wrong when you select a cup of Maui Red Catuai. The whole bean, medium coffee roast comes from Ka’anapali and Maui.

Organic French Roast

Our Organic French Roast is a dark, rich, bold roast from Guatemala. You can not go wrong with this whole bean coffee.


The Sumatra whole beans come from Indonesia. This medium roast can be distinguished by its full-bodied, low acidity.

Vanilla Macadamia Nut Flavored

Our Vanilla Macadamia Nut flavoured ground coffee is a favorite in all our shops. It is a medium roast from Colombia. We do encourage you to give this one a try.