Best Coffee to Buy Online - Wailuku Coffee Company

Best Coffee to Buy Online - Wailuku Coffee Company

1st Jan 2021

If you are a coffee lover like ourselves, then you are continually looking for the best coffee. We at the Wailuku Coffee Company are passionate about coffee, and that is why we created a place for you to buy the best coffee online.

We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to access your favorite coffee online. First, go to our website and navigate to the Shop page. On the Shop page, you can decide if you want to see all our products, including gift cards and merchandise or if you only want to look at coffee.

When you are on the coffee page, you will see a range of all our products; you can click on the product you want to buy from there. If you select the product you want to buy, it will open up into a more detailed page. On the page, you will see more information about that specific product. If you are happy with the product, you select the coffee bag's size and add the coffee to your cart. After doing a quick check out, the best coffee to buy online will soon be at your doorstep.

Best Coffee To Buy Online - The Blends

We have a variety of coffee blends available online; let's explore some of our options.

Cold Brew

The Cold Brew price range between $14.00 and $80.00 depending on the coffee bag's size. You can purchase this coffee in a 12oz bag or an 80oz bag. The Cold Brew is a medium roast, course ground coffee from Sumatra and Colombia. When sipping on this coffee, you will taste low acidity and a smooth finish.

Decaf Espresso

The Decaf Espresso can be bought in a 12oz or 80oz bag with the price ranging between $13.00 and $75.00. This espresso roast comes from Colombia. It is a robust, full-bodied, fruity, whole bean coffee that is worth a try.

Espresso Blend

You can buy the Espresso Blend for $15.00 or $85.00 depending on if you choose the 12oz bag or the 80oz bag. This Espresso is a Fully City Roast from Sumatra, India, and Costa Rica. If you drink this whole bean coffee, you will taste dark chocolate, caramel, and berries.

Golden Blend

Our Golden Blend is priced at $17.00 for a 12oz bag or $100.00 for an 80oz bag. It is one of our unique blends because 100% of the proceeds go to Maui charities. The Golden Blend is a dark roast that is from Maui and Colombia. We encourage you to try this whole bean coffee; it is rich and robust in flavor.

Our Start

Where did it all start, you might wonder? We began in 2010 at the base of the Iao Valley on Maui. We decided that we want to bring the dynamic community of Maui together. It is always better to have a conversation over a delicious cup of coffee, and that is how you can buy the best coffee online ten years later.