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Everyone’s tastes are different and so it follows that tastes in coffee vary as well. What is wonderful about coffee is that there is such a wide range of flavor characteristics available from this worldwide crop. Each growing area develops flavor characteristics depending on the type of plant, elevation, soil make-up, amount of direct sun, method of processing and many other factors. To help you find the coffee that best satisfies your taste it is important to understand a coffee’s specific taste qualities. Internationally, coffees are cupped and judged on the different aspects of their taste. Here are some of the main taste categories:
ACIDITY – The tanginess you feel on the tip of your tongue, the brightness you feel on the sides. Not to be confused with sourness or bitterness that can be caused by defective beans or improper brewing, “acidity” can be a most favorable characteristic.
Descriptive terms: Mild, sharp, vibrant, bright, tangy, edgy, wild, piquant.
BODY – The sense of heaviness and texture, where you can feel the volume of the coffee. Full-bodied coffees are less likely to loss their flavor through milk.
Descriptive terms: Rich, smooth, light, heavy, bread-like, flat.
AROMA – The scent that offers a coffee’s allure and reflects its character.
Descriptive terms: Flowery, fruity, herby, dull, smokey.
MOUTHFEEL – The impression the coffee creates throughout your mouth.
Descriptive terms: Thick, velvety, creamy, thin, watery, syrup-like, soft, astringent.
AFTERTASTE – The lingering taste and impression left after the coffee is gone. This impression can change.
Descriptive terms: Clean, thick, lingering, acrid, warming, sweet, chocolatey, spicy.
FLAVOR – The overall impression of how a coffee’s characteristics work together.
Descriptive terms: Chocolaty, spicy, nut-like, buttery, earthy, rubbery, floral, balanced.

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100% Kona – Whole Bean Coffee

Kona Coffee with a Bright, Delicate Flavor and enchanting Floral Aroma. A medium/high grade full city roast.

100% Kona

 Vanilla Macadamia Nut Flavored

A medium roasted, bright aromatic bean infused with vanilla and macadamia nut flavors. This coffee comes pre-ground for your convenience.

Vanilla Macadamia Nut

Hawaiian Hazelnut

A medium roasted, bright aromatic bean infused with hazelnut flavors and aloha. This coffee comes pre-ground for your convenience.

Hawaiian Hazelnut

100% Maui Moka

One of Hawaii’s most unique and highly rated varietals. A Fruitiness with Chocolate overtones are characteristics of this coffee grown on the Western Slopes of the West Maui Mountains.

Maui Mokka

100% Maui Red Catuai

An extremely pleasing Maui Coffee with good body, chocolatey overtones and medium acidity.

Maui Red Catuai

Wailuku Coffee Co. Toddy Blend

WCC Toddy Blend is  mix of 1/3 Sumatra and 2/3 French roast.

Toddy Blend

Organic Guatemalan

Organic Guatemalan is a light roast with heavy dose of caffeine.

100% Organic

Wailuku Coffee Co. Espresso Blend

WCC Espresso Blend is a mix of Costa Rican (A hearty, Bright, Full flavored coffee. A Central American favorite.) and Italian (An excellent award winning blend. Known for its smooth taste and rich aroma. Blended specifically to use for espresso).

Espresso Blend


Rich, full bodied, low acid coffee with unique deep toned complexity.


French Roast

Distinctive aspects blend together for an aromatic, rich full flavor.

French Roast

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